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Sunday, April 23, 2017

Pittsylvania Co. VA Genealogy Records #virginiapioneersnet

Pittsylvania County Genealogy, Wills, Estates

Berryhill Plantation

Pittsylania County was formed in 1767 from Halifax County, Virginia. It was named after William Pitt, the first Earl of Chatham, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom from 1755 to 1768. In 1777 the western part of Pittsylvania County was divided and became Henry County. 

Probate Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers 

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1809 to 1853
  • Wills, Estates, Inventories 1854 to 1865 (Circuit Court)
Digital Images of Wills 1854 to 1865
  • Banks, Will B.
  • Graves, James
  • Green, Nathaniel
  • Harper, George
  • Holland, Stephen
  • Nelson, Lucy Mann
  • Newton, William
  • Parker, George
  • Price, Hutchings B. estate
  • Price, Hutchings B. (will)
  • Prad, Samuel A.
  • Robertson, Samuel
  • Stone, James H.
Digital Images of Wills 1809 to 1853
  • Adams, James
  • Adkins, William
  • Boaz, Shadrack
  • Buford, William
  • Clark, William
  • Clay, Joseph
  • Doody, Thomas
  • Fitzgerald, Thomas
  • Guy, Samuel
  • Hagood, William R.
  • Henry, Charles S.
  • Henry, Samuel H.
  • Price, Cuthbert
  • Silly, William A.
  • Waddell, Charles
  • Wells, Matthew
  • Woodson, Murry
  • List of Militia Officers

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Botetourt Co. VA Genealogy Records #virginiapioneersnet

Botetourt County, Virginia Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Military Records

Botetourt County Court House

The first court house was constructed in 1772, built with logs, destroyed by fire in 1848. There were several fires which destroyed subsequent buildings and a new building was built in 1975. The county was formed in 1770 from Augusta County and it derived its name from Lord Botetourt, the Governor of Virginia. 

Botetourt County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

  • Old Map of Botetourt County
  • Wood Map of Botetourt County
  • Marriages 1770-1803
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills, Deeds, Estates 1824 to 1829
  • General Index to Deeds 1770 to 1889
Miscellaneous Wills
  • McCoy, James, LWT (transcript)
  • McCoy, John, LWT (transcript)
  • Wallace, John, LWT (transcript)
  • Index to Marriages 1770 to 1853
  • First SUrveys 1770 to 1772
  • List of Volunteers of 1744 from Botetourt County in Dunmore's War
  • Veterans of War of 1812 published in Fincastle Herald 1 Oct 1899
  • Some Revolutionary War Records
Digital Images of Botetourt County Wills 1824 to 1829 

Testators: Anderson, Robert ; Bannister, Elijah ; Betts, Elisha ; Bowyer, John ; Byrd, Thomas Sr. ; Calhoun, William ; Compton, William ; Freeman, Aggy ; Getty, Jeremiah ; Goodwin, Thomas ; Gulliford, Anna ; Hartman, George ; Holstine, Stephen ; Horn, Charles ; Kinsey, Christian ; Knight, James ; Lacklin, Elisha ; London, James ; McClanahan, Sarah ; McElhaney, Samuel ; Obenchain, Philip ; Palmore, Charles; Patterson, Timothy ; Peffley, David ; Pitzer, John ; Reed, Frederick ; Reed, Thomas ; Shaver, Andrew ; Smith, Absalom Sr. ; Spiller, Jacob ; Stover, William ; Terry, Stephen ; Wallace, David ; Wallace, William ; Welch, John ; Womack, William 

Digital Images of Botetourt County Wills 1829 to 1838 

Testators: Anderson, Nancy ;Arms, Andrew; Book, Philip; Bowyer, Henry; Breckinridge, James; Britz, Adam; Cartmell, Henry Jr. ;Copp, Christian; Crawford, Josiah; Crush, Daniel; Crutchfield, Thompson; Detzett, James ;Dillon, John ;Douglass, John ;Eller, Jacob ;Falls, James ;Ferrill, Stephen ;Floyd, Edward ;Franklin, David ;Gist, George; Gish, Jacob ;Harvey, Robert ;Johnston, Charles; Jordan, John ;Kittinger, Rudolph ;Kyle, Sarah ;Lemmon, Frederick ;Little, William ;Lyon, George; Mayline, Reason ;McDonald, William; McKaliston, Garland ;Middlecaugh, John ;Mitler, Valentine ;Parker, Caleb;Poage, George; Poage, William ;Preston, John ;Quigley, Margaret ;Robinson, Isaac; Rowland, William; Safford, Adam; Sharkey, Nicholas ;Sheck, Jacob ;Sherrit, Thomas; Smiley, William; Snider, Mathias ;Stewart, Samuel ;Stever (or Stover), George ;Stover, John ;Taylor, Allen; Thomas, Francis; Van Meter, Hester ;Weitzel, John ;Whalen, Dennis ;White, Samuel ;Whitten, William ;Wilson, Thomas 

Friday, April 21, 2017

Dinwiddie Co. VA Genealogy Records #virginiapioneersnet

Dinwiddie County Genealogy, Wills, Estates

Petersburg, VirginiaDinwiddie County was formed May 1, 1752 from Prince George County, Virginia and is named after Robert Dinwiddie, the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia from 1751 to 1758. Revolutionary War battles were fought in and around Petersburg. 

Probate Records available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Digital Images of Dinwiddie County Wills 1758-1799
---Fragments of the only surviving wills---
Testators: Brewer, John;Brown, Noah;Cardwell, Jane; Davis, Edward;Jackson, Joseph;Poythress, Francis;Poythress, Mary;Poythress, Mary (2);Ravenscroft, Robert;Skipwith, Tulwar; Williams, Rachel;Wills, Amey
Digital Images of Dinwiddie Wills 1801-1869
---Surviving records---
Testators: Allgood, John;Bass, Elizabeth;Coleman, Robert;Cryers, Elizabeth; Coupland, Mary;Crowder, Nelson;Grant, John;Hardaway, Frances; Hargrove, J. E.;Ledbetter, Suzanne;Lewis, William;Meriwether, Francis;Perkins, Elizabeth;Perkins, Lewis;Pool, Mary;Poythress, P. H.;Reese, William;Scott, Rebecca;Stewart, Thomas;Stewart, Thomas(2);Thomas, Anna;Valentine, Howard;Vaughan, Philip;Wells,William;Wills, Martha
  • 1752 Dinwiddie Militia
  • Unrecorded Wills
  • Cardwell, Jane, LWT (extract of lost records)
  • Davis, Edward, LWT (extract of lost records)
  • Eppes, Francis, LWT (extract of burned records)
  • Grant, John, LWT (extract of burned records)
  • Hudson, William, LWT (extract of burned records)
  • Jackson, Joseph, LWT (extract of lost records)
  • Muir, Anne Downman, LWT, transcript
  • Skipwith, Fulmer, LWT (extract of lost records)

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Middlesex Co. VA Genealogy Records #virginiapioneersnet #virginiagenealogy

Middlesex County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Marriages, Court House Records

WythevilleNote: When researching Princess Anne County for ancestors, Norfolk County should also be examined as the names betweeke all possible care to apprehend Capt. Kidd, who had recently seized a ship in the West Indies." In 1687, Richard Wills of Middlesex County was a man of great wealth. His house, which had received several additions from time to time, contained eight rooms and one closet, with an attached kitchen and dairy. Corbin Griffin of Middlesex County had a home of six rooms, a kitchen and two closets, and his estate was valued at 1131 pounds. The largest personalty appraised by order of the court was that of Robert Beverley. It consisted of property amounting to 1531 pounds in value, with debts owed him in the form of tobacco, 331,469 pounds, and in the form of metallic money, 801 pounds. Robert Dudley had an estate valued at 548 pounds. 

Sources: Records of Middlesex County, Beverley inventory; Willis inventory, original vol. 1698-1618, p. 168; Griffin, original vol. 1698-1713, p. 134;Virginia in the Seventeenth Century by Philip Alexander Bruce, vol. 2; Records of Middlesex County, vol. 1604-1703, page 165. Virginia Historical Tidbits. Join our free blog 


Middlesex County Marriages to 1699 

Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1698 to 1713 
Testators: Boseley, Elizabeth ;Davis, David; Downing, William ;Dudley, Robert ;Griffin, Corbin ;Haslewood, Mary ;Head, Mary ;King, John ;Mullins, William ;Passatt, Richard ;Porter, William ;Smith, John ;Thacker, Edwin;Williams, Thomas;Wormeley, Ralph
Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1713 to 1734 
Testators: Allen, Richard Sr. ;Bannerman, Mark; Batchelor, John ;Berry, John; Bristow, John ;Causen, Thomas ;Crank, Thomas ;Davis, Mary ;Dodson, John ;George, David ;Gibbs, John ;Goddin, Thomas ;Gordon, William; Halfot, Henry; Jacoby, Joseph ; Jones, Thomas ; Jordan, James ; Montague, William ; Nash, John ; Robinson, Judith ;Sandeford, Joan ;Shurley, Thomas ;Smith, John ;Smith, John ;Smith, Thomas ;Tinnly, William ;Williamson, Benjamin ;Williamson, Robert ;Wormeley, Ralph
Digital Images of Middlesex County Wills 1740 to 1748 
Testators: Allen, John ; Batchelor, Samuel ; Bette, Thompson ; Blake, John ; Bristow, Mary ; Bristow, William ;Brooks, Jonathan ;Brown, Robert ;Buchanon, Henry ;Carter, John; Cheap, Patrick ; Clark, Edward ; Condon, David; Daniel, James ; Daniel, Robert ; Daniel, William ; Dudley, Jean ; Dudley, Robert ; Edwards, James ; Fearn, John; Graves, Alexander ; Greenwood, James ; Hammitt, William ; Handley, Elizabeth ; Hardin, George ; Harwick, Philip ;Howard, Youstice; Johnson, William ;Jones, William ;Riley, John ; Seers, Joseph ;Segar, John ;Shaw, Thomas ;Smith, Cary ;Smith, John ;Stanard, Elizabeth ; Street, Richard ;Thurston, William ;Tuggle, Henry

Miscellaneous Wills

William Daniel (1695) 

Abstracts of Wills
  • Wills and Inventories, abstracts (1713-1727)
  • 1704 Quit Rent Rolls
  • Immigrants to Middlesex County 1674-1702

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Surry Co. VA Genealogy Records #virginiapioneersnet

Surry County Genealogy, Deeds, Marriages, Wills, Estates, Probate Probate Records

Pt. Pleasant, Scotland, Virginia

Point Pleasant, Scotland, Virginia

Surry County Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

  • Unrecorded Wills
  • Banks, John, LWT (extract of lost records)
  • Gording, John, LWT (extract of lost records
  • Harrison, Benjamin, LWT (transcript)
  • Taylor, Thomas, LWT dated 1744
  • Warren, Willis, LWT (extract of lost records)
  • Watkins, Martha, LWT (extract of lost records
  • Marriages to 1695.
  • Marriage Register 1768 to 1853
  • Marriage Index to Register 1768 to 1853
Indexes to Surry County Deeds 

Index to Deeds 1741 to 1746
Index to Deeds 1746 to 1749 

  • 1704 Quit Rent Rolls

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Giles Co. VA Genealogy Records #virginiapioneersnet

Giles County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Deeds, Marriages, Births, Deaths

Giles County

Giles County was established in 1806 from Montgomery, Monroe, Wythe, and Tazewell counties. The county seat is Pearisburg. The county was named for William Branch Giles, a member of the United States House of Representatives 1790 to 1815 and Virginia General Assembly from 1816 to 1822; later elected Governor in 1827. Giles County is included in the Blacksburg-Christiansburg-Radford, Virginia Metropolitan Statistical Area. 

Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds, Bonds, Guardianships, Births, Deaths and Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers

Indexes to Probate Records
  • Wills, Estates, Deeds, Bonds, Guardianships 1805 to 1829
  • Wills, Estates, Deeds, Bonds, Guardianships 1829 to 1847
Vital Records
  • Births 1855 to 1896
  • Deaths 1855 to 1896
  • Marriages 1813 to 1859; 1871 to 1913
Images of Giles County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Bonds, Deeds 1806 to 1829

Testators: Berden, Thomas | Biggs, John | Blake, James | Blake, John | Blankenship, John | Blankenship, Shadrake | Boyle, William | Bruce, William | Burk, Josiah | Burke, Thomas | Caldwell, Jacob | Chapman, George | Chapman, J. | Chapman, John | Clay (deed) Clay, Henry to Andrew Johnston | Clay, Mitchel Sr. | Cobun, Jeremiah Commack, John | Cooper, Jacoma | Copman (deed) | Corder, William, constable | Cormack, John | Darley, Hannah Dinger, Peter | Dunbar, Ephraim | Duncan to Duncan (deed) | Eagleson, William | Earickson, Matthew | Ebling, Paul | Echols, John | Eckholds, John | Farley, Judith Ferries, Robert | Fletcher, John | French, Matthew | French, Reuben | French, William | Grayham, Daniel | Gresham, Daniel | Guthrie, William | Hale, Edward | Hale, John | Hale, Vincent Harman, Henry | Harman, William | Harrison, John | Harrison, William | Heathington, Christopher | Hughs, George | Hunter, Mary to Andrew Crawford (deed) | Hunter, Peter | Hunter, Robert | Huson, Thomas | Hutchison, Robert | Johnson, John | Johnston, James | Karr, James | Kiffer, Jacob | Kipinger, John | Kirk, William | Larkin, John | Lucas, Charles | Lucas, David | Lucas, Edward | Lucas, Ralph | Lucas, William | Lybrook, George | Martin, Daniel | Maxey, Eli | Maxey, Elizabeth | McDonald, Lewis | McKinsey, Mordecai| Mollitt, Noah | Napier, P., bond for Constable | Patton, Thomas | Pearce, George | Peek, Benjamin | Peek, John | Perdue, James | Peters, John | Peters, Philip to William Smith (deed) | Pines, William | Price, Henry | Prince, William | Proutt, Henry | Rose, Obadiah | Sartain, John | Scholds, John | Shorter, James | Shrewsberry, Jeremiah | Smith, Henry to Jacob Peek (deed)| Smith, Sampson | Smith, William, Captain, agreement | Snodgrass, John | Solesbury, A. | Stafford, James | Stafford, John | Stinson, Jacob | Stuart, Alexander Stuart (deed) | Stuart, John to Lewis Stuart (deed) | Taylor, Adam | Thompson, James | Varst, Christian Watts, William to Jacob Peek (deed) | Webb, John | White, James | Williams, Andrew Williams, George | Williams, Jeremiah | Williams, Michael | Williams, Philip | Wilson, William 

Giles County Wills, Estates, Inventories, Bonds, Deeds 1829 to 1847

Testators: Albert, George | Allen, Thomas | Anderson, Joseph | Atkins, Moses | Bailey, Micajah | Barker, William | Camp to Finch (deed) | Brown, William | Caldwell, Joshua | Carr, John | Chapman, George | Chapman, Isaac | Chapman, John | Crawford, James | Dane, James | Darr, Joseph | Dingess, Charles | Dunbar, Ephraim | Epling, Paul | Epling, Philip Farley, Thomas | Fillinger, Jacob | Flick, Michael | Ford, Edmund | French, David | French, James | Frith, Mary | Fry, David | Givins, Isaiah | Hale, Martha | Hale, Vinson | Hall, David | Harless, Michael | Harman, Henry | Henderson, John | Huffin, John | Hull, Henry | Hunter, Robert | Johnston, Adam | Johnson, David, Captain | Johnson, David to Andrew Johnston (deed) | Johnston, David | Johnston, Samuel | Johnston, Thomas | Johnston, William | Karr, John | Kirk, Martha | Lafann, John | Lang, Mary | Link, Gasper | Lowrey, John | Lucas, Parker | Lybeck, John | Lybrook, John | McClaugherty, John | McDaniel, Thomas | More, Francis | Mustard, James | Neel, William | Patterson, Agnes | Pearis, George | Peek, Jacob | Peters, John | Price, George | Reed, John | Rees, John | Reynolds, John | Shannon, Thomas | Snider, Christian | Snider, Jacob | Snider, John | Stafford, James | Stedley, Jacob | Swaley, James | Tawney, Daniel | Trout, Nancy | Vass, Leland | Waddle, James | Webb, Anna | Webb, Julius | Williams, George | Williams, Margaret | Young, Robert 

Images of Wills, Estates, Deeds, Bonds, Guardianships
  • 1806 to 1829
  • 1829 to 1847

Monday, April 17, 2017

New Kent Co. VA Genealogy Records #virginiapioneersnet

New Kent County Genealogy, Wills, Estates, Probate Records, Marriages

New Kent Court House

Captain John Smith visited this area in 1607 and since that time many Europeans began immigrating into Virginia. New Kent County once formed part of Charles River County, one of the eight shires into which the colony of Virginia was divided in 1634. It origiinally included part or all of the present day counties of King & Queen, King William, Spotsylvania and Hanover, the modern day borders of New Kent took place in 1766 through exchange of land with James City County. Actually, researchers will see the mention of "Brick House". This was the first town and this was the seat of the first government. This historical site knows its history, starting with Nathaniel Bacon who, when the Governor refused to do anything about Indians who killed settlers and looted the area, formed his famous rebellion among his neighbors. The historical genealogy of the Bacon family is traced on Virginia Pioneers and is available to members. The village of New Kent appears to have been the County seat since 1691. Most of the County's colonial records were destroyed in the burning of the clerk's office in 1787, and later records were destroyed in the burning of Richmond during the Civil War. Providence Forge was one of the earliest settlements and the site of a colonial forge that was destroyed by Banister Tarleton during the Revolutionary War. Another site, St. Peter's Church at Talleysville was established in 1678 and built in 1701. It was enlarged in 1740 by the addition of a tower and vestry room and in the 1760's by the building of a north wing, believed to have been torn down in 1854. Martha Dandridge Custis who lived in White House on the Pamunkey, worshiped here at the time of her marriage to George Washington. The road leading from Richmond to Williamsburg is one oldest roads in America. 

New Kent Wills, Estates, Marriages available to members of Virginia Pioneers 


  • Marriages to 1699
  • Consents and Licenses
Indexes to Probate Records
  • Index to Wills 1864-1887
  • Index to Wills, Inventories, Appraisements, 1880-1938
Images of Wills 1864-1887

Testators: Adams John;Apperson, John C.;Atkinson, Thomas M.;Atkinson, William F.;Bailey, Nancy;Baker, Sarah;Bailey, William B.;Bond William;Bowles, Ira;Brawers, William B.;Chandler, Harman;Chandler, Robert;Christian, Ann; Couch, Isaac;Craborn, Judith;Crump, Anderson;Crump, William B.; Drake, Robert;Ellyson, Daniel;Elmore, James;Foster, Sarah;Fox, Susan;Gordon, John N.;Higgins, John;Higgins, Josiah;Jones, Chesley;Jones, Roland;Lester, Elizabeth;MacGhee, John;Merry, William B.;Moody, Phil;Odell, Thomas;Otey, Isaac;Parrish, Mary; Pervue, Alexander;Pearman, Thomas;Pollard, Caroline Nelson; Pollard, E. D.;Pollard, Jane;Pollard, William A.;Rabineau, William F.;Richardson, John;Rives, Nathaniel;Royster, Susan; Savage, Harriett;Sherman, Henly;Slater, John;Smith, William C.; Stamper, James;Tally, Nannie;Taylor, Richard B.;Terrell, Leigh; Terrell, William;Timberlake, Benjamin;Timberlake, Sally;Timberlake, William J.;Tyree, Mary;Vaiders, William;Williams, David;Williams, Leroy 

Images of Wills 1880-1891

Testators: Bailey, Patsey; Binn, Charles;Brackett, William;Brundridge, Willmette;Burton, Lucy; Carter, William J.;Cook, R. P.;Crabben, Jessie;Cumber, Warren; Dandridge, B. W.;Davis, John A.;Davis, John B.;Farinholt, Robert;Harman, Leroy;Harris, C. C.;Harris, John T.;Hewlett, Augustine Delaware;Hewlett, C. A.; Hicks, Bentley;Hicks, Clarissa;Higgins, Charles P.;Hill, C. B.;Hilliard, Mary Ann; Hubbard, Bowen;Johnson, Mary E.;Jones, Maria Louisa;Jones, Vernon J.;Lewis, Kittie;Mason, Sarah;Masters, Henry;Morris, Benjamin;Otey, Sarah;Parkinson, James;Pearsen, John;Semple, James;Slater, Edwin;Spearman, Thomas;Timberlake, Courtney; Timberlake, Harman;Timberlake, James W.;Tomson, Pleasant; Townsend, Ebenezer;Turner, Henry;Turnstall, Miles;Tunstall, Thomas C.;Walls, Robert 

  • 1704 Quit Rent Rolls